Our Fall Chinook Development

Fall Chinook update : Cedar Creek Hatchery, 01/22/2021

Quick update on the status and development of the Fall Chinook that were spawned by the Nestucca Anglers in October 2020 here at Cedar Creek Hatchery. There were three egg takes (10/12, 20, 27/2020) totaling an estimated 159,600 eggs for production.

All three groups have hatched (12/7, 18, 26/2020) and are looking lively! The sack fry are currently trayed down in our basket troughs in groups of 5,000. It’s looking like they will be “buttoned up” (sack fully absorbed) by the end of February.

Once the sack fry have completely absorbed their yolks they will be ponded into the hatch houses’ Canadian troughs and we will begin feeding them. I’ll send another update with the ponding details, feed details and some photos so you can see their progress!