2022 Clipping Party

2022 Annual Clipping Party

Save the date, mark your calender !

Nestucca Anglers is a volunteer organization that invites everyone to help clip 100,000 Fall Chinook Smolt annually. Bring the family and enjoy a great day with us on the coast.

Stay tuned, more info to follow. We have lots of raffle and auction items that have been donated from sponsors. More to come……

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Growing 2022

Don New (Director of Hatchery & Wild Coexist) stopped by to see Ron Byrd  (President of the Nestucca Anglers) Saturday morning.

Ron showed Don what the Volunteers do everyday.

Volunteers feed fish and maintain Rhoades Pond morning and evenings.

June 18th the fish will be clipped and mid August the fish will be released into the Nestucca Basin.

Thank you for your support Hatchery & Wild Coexist.

2022 Fall Chinook

April 4th the Nestucca Anglers transported our 2022 Fall Chinook to Rhoades Pond from Cedar Creek Hatchery. As you can see some of our youngest members pitched in and did most of the hard work.   

Stay posted on the web site and we will keep you updated on the progress of this years classic fish. Thank you for everyone’s support.

See full gallery HERE:

Nestucca Bay Cleanup

April 2nd, 2022

Great day on the water this weekend helping the Nestucca, Neskowin & Sand Lake Watershed Council clean up litter here on our Nestucca Bay. 

Love it when a plan comes together and thank you to all the volunteers as well as local businesses that participated!

Visit full gallery here:

Dale Buck (March 2022)

Dale Buck passed away March 15, 2022 and has been one of the pioneers of Rhoades Pond since the beginning in 1999.

Dale helped develop the non-profit group we all know today as the Nestucca Anglers.

Dale was a Board Member for twenty years and just recently stepped down due to health reasons.

Dale was involved in every aspect or our Board and the success of raising our Fall Chinook at Rhoades Pond.

Even though Dale was not a fisherman, he was very proud the Nestucca Anglers was producing a great angling opportunity and Rhoades Pond Fall Chinook are a huge contribution of that opportunity. 

Dale will be missed as a Husband, Father, Community Member of the Nestucca Basin and a Friend.


Ron Byrd
Nestucca Anglers  (President)

Standing Tall!

Thank you Oregon Corrections Enterprises, F&W Fence Co Inc, and Nestucca Anglers volunteers!

We are very pleased with how our new Rhoades Pond entrance sign turned out.

Standing tall for years to come……..


Hatchbox Lid Project 2022

Teaming up again with ODFW and Cedar Creek Hatchery. Nestucca Angler Volunteers took on and completed a Hatchery (Hatch Box) lid replacement project this past week. (85) new lids were built as a complete replacement for the hatchery house.

Note: See gallery page for more photos

Classroom Fun!

Cedar Creek Hatchery brought to Dana Hulburts Nestucca (3rd/4th grade) classroom an incubator exercise to familiarize young students with the life cycle of Salmon. We believe ODFW hatchery conservation programs are key in educating our students. 

Stream Enhancement, Education, Fishing Opportunity

Nestucca Anglers

2022 Rhoades Pond Cleanup

Yesterday Nestucca angler volunteers spent time at the annual winter time Rhoades pond cleanup.

March 26th at 9AM we will have the final pond cleanup in preparation for receiving our fish April 5th. 

Thank you for your continued support

Ron Byrd
Nestucca Anglers  (President) 

Sorting Complete

Hatchery update: 11-09-21 (Sorting Completed)

We have now spawned 40 pairs of Broodstock adults in which will give us our full allotment of eggs. The Hatchery will be incubating our 2022 offspring through the winter.

We would like to say thank you to everyone that worked so hard to collect our Broodstock and assure we met our egg take again this year.

See our gallery HERE


Nestucca Anglers.