2024 Clipping Party

2024 Annual Clipping Party

Save the date, mark your calendar for our 25th annual clipping event.

Nestucca Anglers is a volunteer organization that invites everyone to help clip 100,000 Fall Chinook Smolt annually. Bring the family and enjoy a great day with us on the coast.

Please check back as we have lots of raffle and auction items that have been donated from sponsors. 

Visit our site for a printable flyer. Please help us pass the word on the event.

Nestucca Bay Cleanup 2024

Nestucca Bay Cleanup 
April 20th, 2024

Great day on the water this weekend helping the Nestucca, Neskowin & Sand Lake Watershed Council clean up litter here on our Nestucca Bay. 

Huge thank you to the watershed council, volunteers as well as local businesses that participated!

Visit full gallery here:

Fry To Pond 2024

It is now official, our 2024 fry were transported to Rhoades pond Tuesday April 2nd!

We have our full allotment of fish and the feeding volunteers will start twice a day as of Wednesday this week.

Note: we do still have 1 open spot for feeding Friday afternoons (weekly) if you know anyone that would like to help this year. Please email us [email protected] if interested.

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on up coming events and the progress of the fish.

Thank you for your support.

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Video 1 HERE

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Video 3 HERE

Pond Clean 1 (2024)

Saturday Feb 3rd Nestucca angler volunteers completed the first round of our annual pond, property & site cleanup.

Our healthy 2023-2024 Fall Chinook fry remain in the hatch house at Cedar Creek Hatchery and are on schedule to transfer to our Rhoades Pond facility this April. 

More updates to come soon. Thank you to all the volunteers for your continued support!

Hatchery Update (01-13-24)

Cedar Creek Hatchery Update: (01-13-24)

The Fall Chinook are in their sack fry development phase. All baskets of fry have been picked thru to remove any residual dead eggs and to keep the fungus at bay. The fish look great! They are hunkered down in the hatch house for a few more cold months. I will send another update when they get into the “button up” phase.

Final Egg Take 2023

Nestucca Angler’s and Cedar Creek Hatchery staff spawned the last egg take for the class of 2023 fry. The fry will stay in the hatch house under the care of the hatchery staff through the winter. 

Here are a few pictures of the hatch boxes within the hatch house. The wood cedar covers were rebuilt by the Nestucca Anglers last winter to keep the eggs and fry in a quiet dark environment while they develop. 

Thank you to all the volunteers that worked very hard this fall collecting Broodstock and with the spawning. Special thanks to the Cedar Creek Hatchery staff as their leadership and teamwork is a big part of the success of Rhoades pond Fall Chinook Broodstock Program (ODFW STEP).

Fall 2023 Chinook Spawn 2

Great turnout of volunteers this past morning for our second spawning of Fall Chinook Broodstock. We will continue spawning through the Fall run to get a good mix of genetics. Stay posted as updates will continue as they become available.

Fall 2023 Chinook Spawn

Our first spawning of Fall Chinook Broodstock for 2024 babies was on Oct 17th.  We had a great mixture of fish for diversity of genetics.  We will have several more spawning’s in the next month to catch the full run of fish.

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted.


Broodstock Update (9-28)

Collection Progress Update: 09-28-23

First Fall fish of the year to be collected at the hatchery trap for our 2023 offspring.

Please check back here and/or our Facebook site for further updates.

BroodStock Update (9-23)

Broodstock Update: 09-23-23

Good week for our collection team as we have been able to secure some healthy fish to our program.

We are not at our final numbers yet, but excited to say we are off and rolling now with fish in our holding pen(s) at Cedar Creek Hatchery.

More updates to come: