Sorting Underway

Great action shot of a healthy hook & line donation going to our program holding pen. The sorting process has also began this week at the hatchery and while we are not at our final numbers yet, we are extremely excited to say we are off and rolling as expected.

Here working for you, time to raise some 2021-2022 Broodstock babies……

Stay tuned for more updates soon.



Collection Team Update

Great week for our collection team in use with this years new aerators have been able to secure more healthy fish to our program.

Here working for you !


First Trap Fish

First fall Chinook of the year that has shown up in the Cedar Creek Hatchery trap. (Large Female)

The update for the hook and line catchers are 2 Hens and 4 Bucks.

A great start for our collection team for 2021.

Collection Underway 2021

Just a quick update to let our members know that we are now underway with the collection for our 2021-2022 Broodstock program.

Holding pens are clean and ready. Collection tubes and boxes are on the river and in use as of yesterday


We are here working for you !


Liberation 2021

On August 17th Nestucca Angler Volunteers with ODFW staff released 100,000 Fall Chinook smolt into the Nestucca river.

The fish were healthy and of size, ready to make their migration down river into the tidewater. They will stage themselves in the bay before heading out to the ocean.

Special thanks to all the feeders that volunteered their time. Also, hats off to the ODFW District office and Cedar Creek Hatchery staff.

Visit our gallery page HERE for all photos.

10 Days Until Liberation

Nestucca volunteers feeding our growing babies.

Alive, healthy and full of energy. We are now only 10 days out until these fish from our program are released into the Nestucca Estuary.

Cheers, we are here working for you!

Habitat For Elk

Nestucca Angler volunteers team up with Cedar Creek Hatchery and the US Forest Service.

Nestucca Anglers spent several hours mowing the fields behind Rhoades Pond to create better habitat for the elk.

Check back often for future updates……

Thank You Volunteers

Great turnout on June 19th for our 22nd annual clipping party. Thank you to all the volunteers for getting the job done and clipping 100,000 fish.

Nestucca Anglers

Join Us June 19th

Come join us June 19th, 2021 at the Rhoades Pond for our annual clipping party.

We hope to see you there!