In 1998 Nestucca Anglers partnered up with ODFW, Cedar Creek Hatchery and private landowners. In March of 2019 we created the Cedar Creek Hatchery management framework.

Nestucca angler volunteers have completed several significant projects for Cedar Creek Hatchery over the years.

Significant Past Projects :
1) Rhoades Pond STEP
2) Winter Steelhead Broodstock Collection
3) Pond 14 Reopening for Summer Steelhead
4) Spring Chinook round up
5) Cedar Creek barrier rebuild
6) 1,000′ trench to bury abatement pipeline
(Bringing Cedar Creek into DEQ compliance)
7) Purchased frame for fin clipping trailer
8) Purchased steel plates and welded over holes at pump station
9) Welding transport tanks
10) Remodel of hatchery staff home
11) Recycling of Summer Steelhead

Our goal is to make Cedar Creek Hatchery a model facility for the Nestucca Basin.

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Rhoades Pond Restoration Project Made Possible by:

Nestucca Anglers
ODFW Restoration & Enhancement Fund
Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation
ODFW Salmon Trout Enhancement Program
Cascade Steel
Mid-Willamette Angling Club
North Coast Salmon & Steelhead Enhancement Fund
Dorymen’s Association
ODFW Salmon & Trout Advisory Committee
Nestucca Valley Sporting Goods

Our Clipping Party Past Sponsors

P.C. Hometown Market (now known as Chesters)
Don & Debbie Sheeley
Oregon Hunters Association
Grateful Bread
Van Duzer Vineyards
Pelican Pub & Brewery
Pacific Fly Fishing
Chuck Widner
Ron Kuda
Pacific City Chamber of Commerce
American Outdoors, Dallas Oregon
Jan Lucas
Emery Harry
Nestucca Valley Sporting Goods
Dave Dimm