Nestucca Anglers – MEMORIAL PAGE
(Board Members, Volunteers & Significant Contributors to Our Program)

Ray S. Hammer

Ray Hammer
January 9, 1935 – February 28, 2014

Ray started fishing the Nestucca River in the early 70’s and spent any spare time on the Nestucca River. In 1992 Ray bought the old Hebo gas station and remolded it into Nestucca Valley Sporting Goods.

Ray owned the sporting goods store from 1992 – 1997 when he sold it to his son in law Ron Byrd. Ray was one of the original pioneers that started the ODFW S.T.E.P Program (Rhoades Pond) in 1999.

Ray was one of the original Board members of the Nestucca Anglers which was incorporated in 2002.

Dave Booth

Dave Booth passed away in Feb, 2017.

Dave was one of the most dedicated, dependable volunteers our program has ever had. Dave had a significant impact on our Broodstock program, the hatchery and those who got to know him. Gone but not forgotten. Thank you Dave!

Dale Buck

Dale Buck passed away March, 2022 and has been one of the pioneers of Rhoades Pond since the beginning in 1999. Dale helped develop the non-profit group we all know today as the Nestucca Anglers. Dale was a Board Member for twenty years and just recently stepped down due to health reasons. Dale was involved in every aspect or our Board and the success of raising our Fall Chinook at Rhoades Pond. Even though Dale was not a fisherman, he was very proud the Nestucca Anglers was producing a great angling opportunity and Rhoades Pond Fall Chinook are a huge contribution of that opportunity. Dale will be missed as a Husband, Father, Community Member of the Nestucca Basin and a Friend.

Matthew W. Stephens

Matt Stephens passed away in July, 2022 and was a huge loss to our recent board member team.

Matt was a Physical Science teacher for 33 years and since his retirement was coordinating our collection and transportation of adult Fall Chinook to the hatchery. Matt will be sorely missed by many in the Nestucca River Basin.

Ronald L. Byrd

Ronald Byrd
January 20, 1943 – August 25, 2018

The picture was taken in October 1989 on the Little Nestucca River. 

Ron was from Wenatchee Washington and made many trips to the Nestucca River basin enjoying the fishing opportunities. In 1999 when the ODFW S.T.E.P (Rhoades Pond) was created. 

Ron volunteered his time during the annual clipping parties and Broodstock collections.

Tom Grief

Tom Grief
Tom, an attorney at law, spent his spare time fishing and enjoying the Nestucca River basin. Tom had a cabin in Pacific City which brought great memories to Tom and his family when the Fall Chinook run would return to the river each year. Tom became a volunteer of Rhoades Pond in 1999, helping collect and raise Fall Chinook. In 2002 Nestucca Anglers became incorporated as nonprofit Organization and Tom volunteered his legal service to navigate the nonprofit status that the Nestucca Anglers have today. Tom will always be remembered as one of the pioneers that started Rhoades Pond and the Nestucca Anglers.