2023-2024 Proposed Calendar:

September (2024 Dates Pending)
Cleaning and disinfecting holding pens at Cedar Creek Hatchery for fall adult Chinook

A cleaning crew of volunteers are needed to pressure wash the holding pen for the adult Chinook that will be held until spawning. The purpose of this cleaning is to prevent any infectious diseases that could be transmitted to the fish.    

September (2024 Dates Pending)
Collecting and transporting adult fall Chinook to Cedar Creek Hatchery 

The public is encouraged to donate adult unclipped healthy Chinook to the Cedar Creek Hatchery. Trained STEP volunteers are located near each holding tube if questions are asked.   

October-November: (2024 Dates Pending)
Collecting and spawning fall Chinook at Cedar Creek hatchery  

Volunteers are needed to assist spawning adult Chinook at the Cedar Creek Hatchery.

January &-March 2024
Cleaning Rhoades Pond. Prepping the pond for smolts to be transferred from the Cedar Creek Hatchery to Rhoades Pond

Volunteers are needed periodically to maintain and prepare Rhoades Pond for the transfer of smolts from Cedar Creek Hatchery. 

April- Aug 2024
Volunteers feeding the smolts twice a day 

Each year volunteers are needed to feed the Chinook salmon twice a day at Rhoades Pond. There is a morning and late afternoon feeding crew of volunteers. 

June 2024:
Rhoades Pond cleaning prior to clipping

Many volunteers are needed to vacuum the pond prior to the clipping event. Also, volunteers help in setting out picnic tables, clipping equipment and general clean up for the event.   

June 2024: June 15th, 2024
Volunteers are needed to set up for the event, assist young children in clipping fish, and clean up after the event.   

August 2024:
Collecting and releasing smolts into the Nestucca estuary. Plus cleaning and winterizing Rhoades Pond

Volunteers are needed to help collect and transport the smolts to the Nestucca estuary. Volunteers also assist in the final cleaning and draining, plus winterization of Rhoades Pond.