2023 Pond Clean

Saturday March 25th, Nestucca angler volunteers completed the second round of our annual pond cleanup. 

Our healthy 2022-2023 Fall Chinook fry remain in the hatch house at Cedar Creek Hatchery and are on schedule to transfer to our Rhoades Pond facility later next month. 

More updates to come soon…….

Thank you for your continued support!

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Nestucca Students 02/01/23

Fun educational day in the sun!

(Cedar Creek Hatchery)

On Wednesday Feb 1st, Natural Resource & Agriculture students from Nestucca High School teamed up with Cedar Creek Hatchery staff and assisted with this years Summer Steelhead spawning. Egg takes from these fish are for production on both the Nestucca & Siletz rivers. Unspawned Summer Steelhead were also released in Cape Mears lake for angler opportunity. 

The students also helped sort through the wild Winter Steelhead Broodstock but no fish were ready this week.

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New Feed Shack – 2023

Nestucca Anglers recently received a sizable donation from NCSSEF ( North Coast Salmon & Steelhead Enhancement Fund, inc.)

With their donation, Nestucca Anglers was able to purchase a new feed shack, which stores our fish food, netting, journals and other items needed to take care of our Fall Chinook.

A special plaque will be placed on the building to show our appreciation for their contribution.

Our old feed shack stood up for over 20 years, this one will be there for the next generation of Nestucca anglers.

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Thank you again for your support.
Ron Byrd
Nestucca Anglers  ( President ) 

Our Fall Chinook Development

Ceder Creek Hatchery update: 01-24-23

Status and development of the fall chinook that were spawned by the Nestucca Anglers in October/November 2022 are here and doing well at our Cedar Creek Hatchery. There were two egg takes (10/26/22 & 11/2/22).  Both groups have hatched and are looking healthy. The sack fry are currently trayed down in our basket troughs and are forecasted to be “buttoned up” (egg sack fully absorbed) by the end of February/early March. Once the sack fry have completely absorbed their yolks we will begin them on a starter feed.

More updates to follow…..

Dec 2022 Screen Upgrades

Pond Screen Upgrades: December – 2022

In partnership with ODFW and Cedar Creek Hatchery, Nestucca Angler Volunteers took on and completed a (Rhoades Pond) screen upgrade project this past week. We are excited to have these in place for 2023 starting with the arrival of our Broodstock offspring(s).

Nov 2022 Final Sort

The second Fall Chinook spawn was held Wednesday 11/2/22. 


Twenty four pair were spawned, totaling 39 pair spawned for the season.

We have hit our egg take target for the year. 

This years run had a large element of 4 year old returning fish, sizes ranged from 15 to 30 pounds.

We will be looking forward to the eggs beginning to hatch around the second week of December.

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters.

2022 Sorting Underway

The seasons first Fall Chinook spawn was held on Wednesday October 26th.

Nestucca Anglers and Cedar Creek Hatchery crew sorted fish from the angler caught Wild Broodstock pond, Three Rivers trap, and Cedar Creek trap.

In total 224 Fall Chinook were collected, 15 pair were spawned, unripe fish were held for next weeks spawn and the remaining fish were processed for stream enrichment throughout the Nestucca basin.

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Broodstock Update – 10/11/22

Good week for our collection team in use with our transport aerator boxes we have been able to secure some healthy fish to our program.

We are not at our final numbers yet, but excited to say we are off and rolling now with fish in our holding pen(s) at Cedar Creek Hatchery.

Posted Videos:
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Liberation 2022

Nestucca Anglers released 105,000 August 17th. The fish went out to the Nestucca basin healthy and to size. Special thank you to all the feeding volunteers that took care of the fish throughout the season.

We will start collecting the broodstock for our 2022 offspring in September. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated on our collection process.


The following video clips below are from this years release. Video’s have been sized down but please allow time for video to load.

Release Video #1 (27 MB)

Release Video #2 (17 MB)

Pond Video Truck #3 (13 MB)

Pond Video #4 (16 MB)

Pond Video #5 (20 MB)