STEP Into The Future

The present…

Nestucca Anglers has grown into a healthy non-profit organization of over 400 volunteers with a variety of projects underway. We played a key part in being partners with Cedar Creek Hatchery and ODFW Tillamook district office, helping with projects and providing man power when needed.

We continue the STEP program at Rhoades Pond, raising 100,000 fall Chinook to release size each year. Members participate in every step of the process, from collecting of adult fish in the rivers for brood stock to rearing, clipping, and release of the smolts.

We provide an educational component, school field trips, classroom and hands on experience with our ODFW partner to familiarize students with the life cycle of salmon. We provide opportunities for students to participate in habitat enhancement, including planting stream side trees. This has resulted in an increased student awareness of the role of salmon and the environment.

Not all of our members fish, but they share an interest in healthy rivers and healthy fish.